Slab Leak Prevention Basics

Slab leaks can be a common and expensive problem for homeowners who do not take preventative measures. Several factors can cause slab leaks including pipe corrosion and abrasion, and high levels of pressure. If a slab leak goes undetected, the cleanliness of the home can be affected, and the water bill can increase drastically.

Here are some ways to prevent slab leaks from happening in the home.

Although high water pressure is preferred, if pipes are too narrow to handle high pressured water, they can eventually become corroded. This is because the protective coating on the pipes becomes worn away. Rushing water can have this effect on a pipe, which will lead to its breaking.

PH Levels

Having a PH level that is either too high or too low means that the water is either too hard or too soft. Both of these extremes can be damaging, as they have a corrosive effect on the insides of pipes, eventually leading to leaks. To keep track of the PH level in a home, several products can be purchased. Litmus tests and PH meters are a great place to start. Learn how to read a PH meter and know when the PH level is too high or too low.

Foundation Watering System

Use a soaking hose around the house to keep the dirt from getting dry, hard, and cracked. Keep in mind that trees and large plants soak up more water, so adjust the soaking hose as necessary. When the dirt around the pipes gets hot and dry, it tends to crack the pipes, leading to slab leaks.

This is also known as a foundation watering system. This is something that can easily be done by the homeowner by purchasing a hose and a timer, to be sure that the house is not being over watered. Typically, about an hour a day is recommended, depending on the surrounding plants. A shallow trench can be created around the house in order to keep the water stable.

Preventing slab leaks is a great way to save money in the long run. These three simple steps can be taken to keep a plumbing system working well.

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