Everyone Home for the Summer? Preventing Clogs – What to Spot Ahead of Time!

Whether the kids are back home, or the in-laws are in town for a visit, the summertime calls for increased time at home, which means more water usage. Here are some key things to look for in preventing clogs. 

Strain, strain, and strain some more 

Strainers for drains can be used all over the home, from the kitchen sink to the bathtub or shower. Especially useful if you do not have a garbage disposal, strainers keep most scraps, hidden garbage like paper or plastic, from going down the drain. In the shower, a strainer helps keep all your loose hair from piling up in the drain. Instead of causing a clog every few months, cleaning out the strainer once a week proves to be the better option.

Grease is no good 

With cooking increasing during the summer, home cooks might be inclined to take a short cut and wash some oil or grease down the drain. No matter how tempting, this is never a good idea. Oil and grease might go down looking like liquid, but soon they will cool and solidify into solids creating the perfect clog. To avoid this, let the grease cool down in the pan or a bottle and discard later. Another tip is to always use plenty of hot water and dish soap when cleaning greasy dishes.

Flushing Rules 

Remember, only two things can be flushed down the toilets: toilet paper and waste. Though the residents of your home may know this, guests may unfortunately follow different rules so you should have gentle reminders for them to follow this rule. Common items that cannot be flushed down the toilet are feminine products, diapers, wet wipes, hair, and dental floss.

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