Save Your Pipes Before They Break!

Pipes see a lot of wear and tear in their time in your home. Some of this degradation is less visible than others and in today’s blog, we are going to help you identify pipe problems and point you in the right direction to fix them! 

Damp/Wet Under the Sink 

This one is one of the more obvious giveaways to a pipe problem as unusual smells or odors often form under your sink when damp. If you find yourself with water under your sink, there could be many causes. Firstly, check your pipes in the area and see if any are loose. If not, then this could be a leak in an already tightened pipe, garbage disposal, or cracked countertop or bad caulking around the sink. Minor issues can be sealed or tightened but remember Isley can help with anything you are unsure of.

Rusty Pipes 

If you do not have sight of the pipes, three indicators of rusty pipes are discolored water, flakes of rust in the water, or a metallic odor. When a steel or iron pipe rusts, you will see bumpy areas of red. In the case of consistent rust noticed on the pipe or in your tap water, repairs should come in as soon as possible. Rust is not an immediate danger, but without repairs, the pipes will continue to degrade and infect your water.

Regular Checks 

Pipe maintenance can save you time and money when done correctly. Noticing rust or dampness under a sink as early as possible allows you to fix the problem before it gets too big or gives you time to call Isley Plumbing for help

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