Is winter the only time my pipes can burst? Surprisingly – no.

A common plumbing myth is that pipes only burst when they are frozen from the falling winter temperatures. However, summertime brings many reasons for your pipes to have problems as well. Extreme heat, new root growth, and increased water demands can quickly bring your summer fun to a halt. 


With heat comes dry and looser soil sometimes leading to shifts in ground materials that can cause your pipes to burst. This new soil condition is especially dangerous when you have older or neglected pipes. Try cutting back water use in the summer to help lengthen the life of your pipes. 

Plant Growth 

Plants love to sprawl their roots all throughout your yard, which is great for them but sometimes problematic for your pipes. Tree roots can be especially dangerous to your pipes as they grow. They can wrap around your pipes and cause a burst. Make sure you know where your out-of-house pipes are located and be mindful of any roots in the area.  

Water Demands 

If there are already old or weakened pipes in your plumbing, then the increased water usage in summer can also stress pipes causing a burst. From the pool, to watering the garden, to the extra loads of laundry, all this extra water flow puts additional stress on pipes. If you believe you may need repairs or even re-piping, Isley Plumbing is just Central Indiana proactive plumbing partner you’ll need. 

With over 100 years of home service experience, we can identify a pipe problem from a mile away. In addition to the problems above, if you are experiencing persistent leaks, low water pressure, noisy pipes, or water discoloration, a potential burst might be coming your way. If a pipe has burst, shut off the water immediately and call us.  

In any plumbing situation, we have you covered at Isley Plumbing so please give us a call at 317-420-4006 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today!