Find Out How to Unclog that Sink

Of all the plumbing problems a Westfield home can face, clogged sinks can be some of the most bothersome. Often occurring when a person is in a hurry, they can sometimes be very difficult to get rid of once and for all.

Westfield, IN draincleaning_720While some people choose to buy drain cleaners from stores, that is often a mistake. Not only do they contain harsh chemicals that can be very dangerous around children or pets, but they can also do severe damage to drains and pipes over time.

Safe Way to Unclog a Sink

To see that this does not happen, more and more Westfield plumbers now have many recommended techniques of how a sink can be unclogged in a much simpler and safer manner.

Baking Soda & White Vinegar

One of the safest and most inexpensive ways to rid a sink of clogs is by using a plumber-recommended mixture of baking soda and white vinegar.

By pouring one-third to one-half cup of each into a bucket and then pouring the mixture down the drain, clogs may quickly disappear.

  • After the fizzing in the sink has gone on for about 20 minutes, hot water is run down the drain. If it passes through easily, the clog is dissolved. Otherwise, other measures may need to be taken.
  • When a clog can’t be fizzed away, a plunger will need to be called into action. The first step in this process will be to run just over one inch of water in the sink, making sure it covers the cup of the plunger.
  • After this, the cup should be placed over the drain opening, with the entire opening being covered. About three sets of 20-25 strokes with the plunger should be given, pausing for a minute in between sets. Once completed, hot water is once again used to assess the situation.

If the clog persists, additional action will need to be taken.

  • In this case, a snake in the pipes can be a good thing. Using a professional-quality drain snake for the toughest clogs may be necessary if all else fails, and it may just solve the problem.
  • By taking off the sink’s trap underneath and then inserting the snake into the pipe, the snake can hopefully reach the clog more easily. After maneuvering the snake for a few minutes, remove it, replace the pipes, and run hot water.

If nothing’s changed, call an experienced plumber.

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