Now is the Time to Cut Your Water Usage

An analysis by Environment Magazine revealed that outdoor watering account for the utmost water usage – 30% approximately. Toilets accounts for 19%, faucets accounts for 11%, showers account for 19% while washing machine accounts up to 15% of water use. But as the saying goes, you can never try to squeeze water from a stone and therefore, cutting water usage is close to inevitable.

Install A Water Conserving Dishwasher

When it comes to cutting water usage in the kitchen, it is advisable to replace your old dishwashers with the new energy star dishwashers that are approximately 15% more water-saving than the standard ones. Energy star dish-washers uses 4 to 5 gallons of water in a typical cycle compared to older models that uses more than 6 gallons of water.

Faucet Water Sense Aerators

Similarly, installation of a water sense aerator on the kitchen faucet will reduce flow to less than a gallon per minute. This is a very cheap fix costing a few pennies. Avoid running the garbage disposal and the water involved by composting your food scraps.

Updating Old Fixtures

A lot of water flows in the bathroom compared to any other room in a typical house. Good news is advances in plumbing technology have seen newer showers, faucets and toilets considerably using less water than their older models. Therefore, replacement of older designs with new water sense shower-heads will mean substantial cutting of water usage by almost 2 gallons. Similarly, replacement of inefficient and leaky faucets with water sense models will save an average family 500 gallons of water annually.

New Water Saving Appliances

Older washing machines uses over 25 gallons of water. According to a research by Environment Magazines, this is like twice as much as miserly water sense models, which uses 10 to 15 gallons of water every typical cycle. Similarly, the usage of HE detergents for front-loaders and HE top-loaders is recommended because regular detergents are very sudsy and too much of their usage can lead to more water being used even by high efficiency washers.

Conserving Water While Maintaining Your Lawn

Normally, not only do swards and lawns saturate more water than any other houseplant in your yard but also Westfield homeowners tend to overwater this plant to keep it green. However, collecting rain water by installing gutters or using barrels and downspouts that direct water into the yard plants and trees can save a great deal of water. Similarly, reducing the size of your yard or considering replacing lawn with drought tolerant plants can cut water usage substantially.

Finally, whenever you are paying your Westfield utility provider for a monthly water bill, there will always be an incentive to pay less of the stuff and therefore, the need to cut water usage.

Put savings in your pocket this month by cutting the water usage in your Westfield, IN home. Call L.E. Isley & Sons, Inc. today at (317) 420-4006, and seehow much you can save this month.