Clogged drain? Your pet might be the cause

Many of us have pets, that we consider part of our family. Our beloved pets can, unfortunately, cause us some serious plumbing issues if we are not careful. Fortunately, keeping our drains and pipes free of cat and dog hair is relatively easy with a few simple precautions around your Westfield home.

Below are some tips to keep your plumbing clear and free of clogs caused by pet hair and damage.

Many people bathe their dogs and even cats in the bathtub. While this is a good idea and helps keep your animals clean, many people forget about pet hair and fur. Dog and cat hair tends to be much more thicker and denser than human hair. This means that it can cause a clog much more easily. Let’s not forget that even human hair can cause a clog. Even short hair breed dogs and cats shed hair. Many people underestimate the amount of hair and fur their pets lose when they bathe.

  • Putting a strainer on your drain will greatly reduce the likelihood of pet hair entering your plumbing system and causing a clog. Remember that pet hair and fur is denser and is more likely to clump and cause a clog. Having a strainer on the drain in your Westfield home can save you from calling a plumber to unclog a clog caused by clumped up pet hair.
  • Covering toilet lids will prevent pets from sipping water from the toilet bowl or splashing around in it for fun. As pets sip water from a toilet or play around in it, hair will inevitably fall off and end up in the plumbing.
  • You can also shut bathroom doors to keep pets from entering the bathroom and getting to the toilet or bathtub in the first place.
  • One of the main reasons why pets seek out a toilet bowl, kitchen faucet or bathtub is that they lack clean fresh water. Clean your pet’s bowl and refill it with fresh water frequently. This can help stop pets from trying to get water from the tap or toilet bowl. If pets are dehydrated they will seek out a source of water wherever it is available and that may be a plumbing fixture where their hair or fur can be caught in.

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