Take Better Care of Your Porcelain Throne!

There are always challenges in keeping a healthy plumbing system in your Westfield home; one that is in working order, especially if that toilet is in an office, restaurant, and store or anywhere with enormous public access. That toilet has to be maintained on a daily basis by a professional plumbing team (like us).

Many plumbing companies emphasize on having contracts; this is a necessity since with a contract you can receive professional quarterly check-ups of your drains and sometimes even free replacement parts on repairs. When you consider the lifespan of a toilet in comparison to an appliance or furniture, it has a pretty long life, although the inside components will need repair and replacement in due time.

The actual toilet sink basin is enamel-coated porcelain called “Vitreous China”; a type of ceramic that makes the porcelain strong, shiny and dense. The toilet sink comes in a variety of colors but can chip or crack if something bangs into it. Cleaning of the bowl should be done with a brush regularly.

Ways to Clean Your Toilet

Disinfecting the bowl with a nonscratch disinfectant cleaner is a good choice, especially if you are working with a public toilet; after all your customers deserve to use a clean and fresh bathroom. There are infinite ways to take care of the inside of the rim of a toilet bowl and also the maintenance of the tank.

  1. Always place the liquid or powder solution into the toilet basin and wait an hour. Using a special bowl brush, brush around the rim, the crevices and the inside of the toilet bowl in circular motion.
  2. Flush two times and then pour some household bleach. Let the bleach stay there for about 10-15 minutes and then flush. Using bowl deodorants and cleaners that stay attached every time you flush will cause build-up and clog the pipes.
  3. Now you are ready to spray the inside of the toilet with a special toilet air freshener. Gently place the nozzle in the inner rim of the bowl and safely squirt the deodorant spray.

If you follow the above tips every week you will be able to maintain a clog-free toilet drain environment and this, in turn, will save you and your company several thousands of dollars each month. If you are using a local Westfield plumber for your home, make sure the plumber checks all your drains and confirms they are in working condition before you leave on your trip. Our certified plumbers will be happy to check out your plumbing system for you!

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