Fight Water Discoloration

Imagine turning on the faucet in your Westfield home and to your astonishment, you noticed that the water pouring out of it is discolored. This can be very alarming, but with adequate knowledge of the different types of discolored water in homes, you can be aware of the severity and health problem they posses and as such, take the necessary action to correct the problem. Some of the most common discolored water problems in homes are examined below.

Causes of Water Discoloration

Brown water in faucets is one of the most common problems that people encounter. Brown water can mean several things.

Problems with the Pipes

Firstly, some water mains and pipes in homes are made from iron. Over time, the interior of these pipes tends to rust. A change in water pressure can cause the interior rust lining of these pipes to loosen and hence, enter your homes via the cold water in faucets as brown water. On the other hand, if the hot water is brown, it typically means that the problem lies with the hot water tank. If left untreated, the rust in the water can lead to several problems such as stained sinks and toilets, discolored laundry after wash, and most importantly health problems. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), rust in water can carry bacteria. Even though iron in the diet is a necessary nutrient, bacteria or too much iron can have a negative impact on someone’s life. As such, it is necessary to take care of rust in pipes immediately by flushing pipes or seeking the help of an experienced plumbing company.

Problems with the Water Main

Secondly, brown water can also indicate that there was a break in the water main. This causes a change in pressure in supplying water to homes. As a result, sediments in the pipes or dirt that enters the pipes are carried to homes where householders noticed them as brown water in faucets or toilets.


Green or blue water in faucet typically means that the problem is associated with corrosion of the copper or brass piping in your Westfield home. Since consuming water contaminated with copper can lead to several health problems, such as kidney and liver problems, it is crucial to have an experienced plumbing company take care of the problem quickly.

Mold Contamination

There are several reasons why water may be black. One reason is the presence of magnesium which turns black when reacted with oxygen. Another reason that causes water to become black is mold contamination. This can drastically affect someone’s health if consumed. As such, it needs to be treated in a timely manner.

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