Is Your Drinking Water Safe From Sewage?

Westfield Backflow Testing ServicesOne of the silent killers in your home is actually preventable if you understand the reasons why testing is so important. Water contamination is not only a serious health hazard, it could kill you and your family members if you are not aware how serious certain potential issues can be.

Water quality can be difficult to determine based on sight and smell alone, that is why backflow testing could save your family member’s lives.

What Causes Water Contamination 

When there is a small leak in your home by way of the pipes, these issues can become serious emergencies if you are not aware of what is happening. Once the break occurs, water pressure can begin to drop, allowing a back flow of dangerous contaminated water to come in contact with your drinking water.

Family members unaware of the issue could be drinking a toxic mix of deadly chemicals without knowing. The backflow testing will identify issues and protect your family from instances where toxic water is exposed to your drinking supply.


In order to keep the grass green and healthy, homeowners must dump large amounts of different fertilizers and treatments into the soil around the property. These toxic ingredients work well at killing weeds and insects, and should never be exposed to the water the family drinks. What is happening, however, is that a fractured irrigation system could be allowing those toxic chemicals into the system, and then backing up right into the water supply. Backflow testing will ensure the water and irrigation supply never come in contact with one another and put the family at serious risk of drinking deadly contaminated water.Westfield Plumber

Water Main Breaks

Water main breaks occur from time to time from the center of town right to the water treatment facility itself. When the water pressure drops, eventually the lack of pressure reaches your home, and without a backflow device installed, contaminated water flows right into the pipes that your family will be drinking from.

Having the system tested by your local plumbing repair company is an investment that will pay off in the end. If the company feels a backflow device is needed, this little device will protect the water supply day and night from the possibility of a problem. Always check with a professional first, this is not a job that the novice should be tackling.

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