Save Smart With Water Saving Fixtures!

Westfield PlumberWhat does it mean to go low flow? It’s simple – going low flow means conserving water by using special water fixtures that reduce the flow of water into your home or business. Low-flow water fixtures have evolved over the years and the performance of today’s low-flow water fixtures has significantly improved.

Low-flow water fixtures include shower heads, toilets, sink faucets and accessories, and even landscaping irrigation systems. But don’t worry. Replacing your existing shower head with a low-flow shower head won’t decrease water pressure or diminish a satisfying shower. There are a number of ways one can conserve water and enjoy financial benefits at the same time.

Conserving water through the use of low-flow water fixtures reduces the flow of water the average person uses as they shower, brush their teeth, wash clothes, dishes, and watering the lawn. Considering that the average homeowner spends a significant portion of their money supplying water to their homes and gardens, there are alternative ways to ease the burden on the environment and the family budget.

In multi-family dwellings, installing low-flow water fixtures can amount to significant savings for the management company. Though financial benefits may not be realized immediately, over the long term those savings add up. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), average savings can amount to more than $300 per year when families make the investment in installing low-flow water fixtures in their homes.

Water waste is a serious problem, but one that can be fixed relatively easy. Once installed, low-flow water fixtures allow you to go about your daily activities in your home more efficiently. Taking the time to explore the benefits of using low-flow water fixtures in your home can potentially uncover additional benefits in the form of rebates.

The EPA provides a comprehensive list of rebate programs offered by their WaterSense* partners, including the specific type of low-flow water fixture that each partner program covers. For specific details of each rebate program, contacting your local water Westfield Fixture Installation Servicesauthority is a great start, keeping in mind that these rebate programs are also extended to businesses as well as residential customers.

Get involved in saving our environmental resources in any way possible. Taking the time to explore water conservation eases the burden on the environment and the family budget. With the price of basic necessities steadily rising, low-flow water fixtures will conserve water, put money into your wallet, and a smile on your face! It’s time to go low flow.

*WaterSense is a registered trademark of the United States Environmental Protection Agency

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