Stop Plumbing Problems Before They Start…

Westfield Plumbing Inspection ServicesIt’s summer time and the living is easy. Or it should be but nothing can make your summer time fun come to an abrupt end like plumbing problems.

Plumbing problems are a year round danger, but there are some plumbing issues that are warm weather related and some simple tips can help you have a fun and carefree summer on the plumbing front. The following five tips are a good start to head off summer plumbing problems before they occur.

Five Summer Plumbing Tips:

During the summer, it’s unlikely anyone in your family will want a scalding hot shower to give your hot water heater a break and turn down the temperature. You will save energy and money at the same time.

  • Summer is also a good time to have the hot water heater serviced to remove sediment that might be standing in the bottom of the tank, if your system uses a tank.
  • Most people don’t give the hoses that connect their washers to the water any thought until there is an issue. A simple inspection can catch a problem before it becomes acute as it might with the increased washing machine usage in the summer. More dirty clothes due to more time outdoors mean your washing machine will be getting a work out so have those washing machine hoses inspected.
  • Summer is also a good time to have your sewer lines inspected for cracks or any other damage. The rapid growing season of spring means that tree roots might be intruding on your sewer lines. A sewer inspection can catch this or any other damage in the early stages.Westfield plumber
  • If you have a pool, have it and all the plumbing inspected a few weeks before you think you might start using it. your plumber will inspect the tubes, plumbing, drains and hoses to find and correct any issues so that your pool can open on time.
  • If you have a lot of summer parties, then your garbage disposal is due to have a workout with increased organic waste. To prevent clogs, have your garbage disposal inspected and serviced.

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