Redesigning Your Bathroom is Simple

Tips for Redesigning Your Bathroom Include:

  • Arguably the easiest way to give any bathroom an updated look is by swapping out the fixtures. Get faucets and shower heads made from the same materials in the same style. While many go with linoleum due to its low cost, tile can be nearly as cheap if you play your cards right. Take special care to get the grout right.
  • Old-fashioned pedestal sinks are suddenly back in vogue and can make a bathroom look far more refined. They’re also more compact and free up a lot of space.
  • Freshening up the color scheme can radically alter the look of any room. Light shades like beige or powder blue will make the room appear larger.
  • If you’re going for a rustic look, beadboard is a great way to update the bathroom. Many manufacturers sell prefabricated MDF beadboard planks for quick installation.
  • Nothing changes the look of a bathroom like switching from a stall-style bathtub to a clawfoot model. Today’s clawfoot tubs are surprisingly affordable and easy to install.
  • If you’re still using a shower curtain, you can make your bathroom look more expensive with affordable shower doors. Unadorned glass doors cheaply confer a very modern feel to bathrooms.
  • With a little creative rearrangement, it’s possible to fit in some seating in any bathroom. A distinguished slatted wooden bench makes a bathroom feel warmer and provides utility.
  • Harsh, unnatural lighting makes a bathroom look terrible regardless of the interior design scheme in play. Cool, clean lights shielded by mildly opaque covers work for any bathroom.
  • Nothing gives away the age of a bathroom like the cabinets. Outdated wall-mounted storage goes out of style in a hurry, after all. Update your cabinets with a more streamlined, modern look to increase the cool factor.

While some of these upgrades are easy to achieve on your own, others should be undertaken by qualified professionals. If you’re not confident in your home improvement skills, call in an expert.

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