Don’t Take a Chance With Your Drains

Westfield Drain CleaningMany homeowners are simply misinformed when it comes to the use of chemical drain cleaners to remove clogs from pipes in the home. The commercials advertising these products only show how the solution is supposed to quickly break up and remove the clog effortlessly.

These products come with dangerous health warnings on the labels, but unless you look for them you will never hear about the potential problems otherwise.

Here are just a few of the reasons you need to work with a local professional plumbing company when your pipes experience any type of clog.

Health Risks

The ingredients that make up the chemical drain cleaners are extremely toxic. If poured down the drain, these harmful ingredients can easily weaken any connections in pipe joints and leak under the home into the soil.

For homeowners who have well water, the toxic chemicals can enter the water supply and put you and your family at serious risk. These chemicals are not meant to be consumed, and if they enter the groundwater supply, you could potentially be poisoning your family without realizing it.

Harming the Pipe Lining

The toxic ingredients in the chemical drain cleaners are not only strong enough to destroy a clog, they can also begin eating away at the integrity of the pipe lining. If the clog is too severe, or a result of root damage, the chemical will remain trapped in the pipes and begin to eat away the lining. This will result in the pipes leaking in time, and eventually causing the plumbing system to need emergency attention. The weaker the pipes become, the sooner you will have to spend a significant amount of money in pipe repairs.

When the drain cleaners are poured in the pipes, if the clog is too compact, the toxic ingredients will make a deadly plume of air that will travel back up the drain and be released into the indoor air. depending where this drain is, the toxic air can be deadly if children or pets are exposed to it for prolonged periods of time. Family members with respiratory issues are also at risk of being harmed if they are exposed to this deadly mix.Westfield Plumber

If you experience a clog in your plumbing, your local plumber can remove it quickly and without using any toxic drain cleaners to get the job done safely.

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