Spring Is Finally Here

Westfield PlumberTaking the time to properly clean your plumbing once a year will not only ensure you do not have issues with the plumbing, you will enjoy financial savings year after year. When the plumbing is neglected, you run the risk of the pipes becoming damaged more easily, requiring a plumbing repair company to restore your system.

Here are the top five tips for cleaning your plumbing this spring

  • Each one of the sinks in the home should have strainers in each drain. These strainers help to keep hair, debris, and soap from getting down and clogging the drains. Cleaning the strainers each spring will make sure the water flows flawlessly.
  • The hot water heater is the most used appliance in the home. This tank needs to run continuously day and night to make sure water is hot on demand. Opening the water tank and flushing out the water once a year will remove all the water deposits that have accumulated in the tank and can lead to clogged pipes in the home.
  • Remove the shower head from the plumbing fixture and soak it in vinegar overnight. The mineral deposits that accumulate in the nozzles can harden to the point that they stop the flow of water from the head. Scrub the nozzles gently with an old soft toothbrush to remove all contaminants.
  • Turn off the power to the garbage disposal, pour a hot solution of water and cleaning solution into the sink. Allow the solution to flow into the drain, then place some tiny cut sections of orange peel in the garbage disposal. Once clear, power up the disposal and allow the water to run a few minutes to remove all the contaminants.
  • Remove the elbow pipe under the sinks and scrub the inside clear of all debris. This is the location where all debris that falls into the sink will get trapped, and the longer it goes without clearing the more difficult that clog will be.Westfield Plumbing Maintenance Removing the clog each spring will make certain water and all debris quickly flows down the drain and out of the house quickly.

Call your local plumbing repair company and schedule a preventative maintenance appointment, and you save money in repairs and extend the life of the plumbing long term.

It’s time to freshen up your Westfield home. Give Isley Plumbing a call at (317) 420-4006for your plumbing maintenance needs.