Plumbing Problems with Pets?

Our mascots Magnolia and Hank are loving the changing of the seasons and hopefully the sun is out and ready to stay! But with our beloved mascots and pets comes potential plumbing issues. And, as cuddly and cute as they can be, animals like Magnolia and Hank can cause quite the plumbing issue if not carefully watched.

Here we have collected some of the most common animal related plumbing issues and ways to solve them. We may not be animal experts at Isley Plumbing but we are here to help solve any of your plumbing problems—animal related or not!

Pet Problems

Cats: Our feline friends may seem harmless, but their kitty litter can be dangerous for your drainage system. A commonly held myth is that kitty litter can be flushed down your toilet. The truth is that kitty litter can cause buildup debris in your pipes that can lead to a clog in your system down the line. The best thing for your kitty litter is to bag it up and throw it away. If you are just now reading this and realize you’ve been clogging your pipes with litter, give us a call and we can check your pipes out to give you the “all clear.”

Dogs: Although dogs may not seem like they have much to do with your plumbing, that monthly bath can build up a lot of hair in your pipes! If you bathe your dog, or any furry friend, in your bathtub or shower, be wary of the hair and dirt that will wash down your drains. This, in addition to your loose hair, will clog your drains in no time. To avoid this issue, we recommend a drain strainer. These strainers can be placed right over your drain and collect any dirt and hair that would otherwise clog your drain.

Critters Beware

As hibernations end, critters are rearing to get out and vacation in your home! Possums, snakes, toads and frogs can climb into your stack pipes and block the flow. For the safety of these animals and you, do not attempt to retrieve the animal unless you are qualified to do so. If uncertain, call the local animal service and call us if plumbing problems persist.

If pets or critters are giving you plumbing problems, contact us today!