Isley Plumbing Committed to Employee Well-being and Customer Service

About 10 years ago and after working two jobs for over 20 years, Isley Plumbing’s licensed and veteran plumber Scott Lockwood was in search of just one career that was stable and a potential employer who had the same commitment to work ethic and values that he had.

“I knew from the first day that I met Doug and Brad [Isley] that they were top-notch leaders, approachable, and were continuing the legacy of their family owned business,” says Lockwood. “I wasn’t looking for a big corporate feel or a place to just become a number. First-hand they had watched and learned from a long line of Isley Plumbing family and business entrepreneurs who put their employees and excellent customer service at the front of their priorities.”

Lockwood also says that even though Isley Plumbing is a locally and family owned business, that doesn’t mean that they are “behind the times.” In fact, says Lockwood, the opposite is true.

“Making sure we have the physical and electronic tools in place for superior response times for customers and that we have had the continuing education that allows us to share with customers options that might be available to them is crucial in today’s marketplace,” says Lockwood. “Isley Plumbing has in place a program that allows customers to see who is coming to make their visit and/or repairs and to track our route on our way to them as well. It is almost like tracking the delivery of your pizza. But the more comfortable we can make the customer before we arrive and the more information we can share – the better the experience is for them.”

For 100+ years Isley Plumbing has been putting its employees’ well-being and customers’ satisfaction front and center. Lockwood shares that many of his customers that he has seen over the years are long-time and loyal customers of Isley Plumbing.

“I think it comes down to doing the right thing every day for our customers,” says Lockwood. “That is how you gain, retain and sustain a customer base over the years. Many of them say that their parents used to call Isley Plumbing when they were younger and still at home and because of that great service they have continued to call Isley themselves when they were homeowners years later. Fair pricing, quick response time, knowledgeable service folks, and staying at it until we have found a solution to a problem is what makes us stand apart from other plumbing companies.”

Today, Lockwood has a 32-year-old apprentice plumber who travels with him learning the day-to-day ins and outs of the plumbing industry while attending school at the same time to become a licensed plumber.

“Education and resources are important to me, and they are to Isley’s Plumbing as well,” Lockwood says. “I know that by the time this apprentice is licensed and has months of side-by-side experience with me that he will be a great addition to the Isley team and ready to be out in his own truck. Isley Plumbing customers will be glad he’s had that training and knowledge base before he visits them.”

Know of anyone searching for a career in the plumbing industry? Tell them to call Isley Plumbing at 317-420-4006 for more information.