3 Common Causes of Slow-Moving Drains and Clogged Toilets

Slow-moving drains and clogged toilets pose a major inconvenience. Do you know what causes them? Read to learn about the 3 common causes of clogged drains to keep your pipes problem free.  

Slow-moving drains and clogged toilets can create a handful of problems for your home. They hinder water flow and can even cause corrosion, flooding, or sewage backup that is expensive to repair. Prevent these problems before they start! Here are three common causes of clogged drains.


Hair is often to blame for clogged drains within bathrooms and laundry rooms. Hair has a tendency to knot up and attach itself to parts of the drain by combining with other substances like grease or soap.

Remove any hair you see lying around in your sinks or shower, clean hairbrushes over a trash can, and use drain guards to catch hair before it falls down the drain. Don’t forget to clean your drain guards regularly!

Food Waste

Food waste is the main culprit for clogged kitchen sinks. Even with a garbage disposal, leftover scarps can still cause blockage.

Whether you have a garbage disposal or not, avoid putting your food waste down drains. Use the garbage can or a backyard compost for food waste instead.

Toilet Paper

When used in moderate amounts, toilet paper should not cause any issues. However, when used in excess, it can clog your drains, keep your toilets from flushing, or even result in an overflow.

Always use toilet paper in moderation. If possible, use smaller amounts and avoid flushing the toilet multiple times in succession. This will only increase your risk for clogging or flooding.

Keep Your Pipes Problem Free

Take preventative measures whenever possible by watching what materials go down your drains. If you’re a slow-moving drain or clogged toilet becomes an emergency, contact Isley Plumbing right away. We’ll be there to save the day! Give us a call at 317-420-4006 or reach out online.