4 Ways to Prevent Summertime Plumbing Issues

No one wants to worry about plumbing issues while enjoying the summer fun. Here are four ways to prevent summer plumbing disasters and who to call should you need professional assistance.

Summertime is here, which means a return to backyard cookouts, trips to the pool, and outdoor adventures under the sun. However, our summertime fun can sometimes lead to expensive plumbing fixes. Outdoor get togethers, sprinklers in full use, and kids home from college using more water than before, can all lead to an increased risk for plumbing issues. Here’s a few tips from Isley Plumbing for taking care of your plumbing system this summer, including who to call should things go wrong. 

1. Use Garbage Disposals Wisely

Summer get-togethers and backyard cookouts mean more people in your house. With extra mouths to feed, it’s likely that more food will find its way down your garbage disposal with the potential to cause clogged drains or malfunctioning disposals. To prevent these issues, watch carefully what you put down the garbage disposal. Be sure to keep coffee grounds, large bones, aluminum foil, glass, and other harsh materials from falling down your disposal. But if you’ve ever wondered if egg shells are a “do or don’t” — go ahead and feel free to send them on down. They actually are good for your garbage disposal. Who knew?! If you run across a clogged drain or broken disposal, call Isley Plumbing to inspect and fix your system.  

2. Inspect Hot Water Heaters for Leaks

During the summer, hot water heaters are often put to the test. An increase in outdoor activities, or friends and family coming to visit, often lead to the need for more showers in your home. Avoid these issues by visually inspecting your water heater for leaks and checking its warranty. If your water heater is over 6 years old, it’s more than likely out for warranty. Don’t wait until it’s too late — call Isley Pumbing right way if you suspect an issue.

3. Replace Broken Washing Machine Hoses 

With the kids at home and pool season in full swing, your washing machine will experience more use than normal. These extra loads of laundry can quickly wear down your machine, oftentimes leading to leaks. A leaky hose can cause costly water damage to your house. Check the hoses behind your washing machine for any possible leaks. If you have a hose that is more than 5 years old, have a professional replace it. Braided stainless-steel hoses are great replacements as they are more durable and last longer than the standard hose.  

4. Prepare for Clogged Toilets

If you plan on hosting house guests or entertaining backyard hangouts this summer, be proactive in preparing for the potential toilet clog. It’s best to keep a plunger on hand for dealing with minor clogs. However, if you have an issue that cannot be resolved on your own, contact Isley Plumbing for help as soon as possible. 

The summertime is great for soaking up the sun and spending time with family and friends. Don’t let plumbing issues get you down. Have a plumbing problem that needs solved? Isley Plumbing is the team to fix it. Call us at 317-420-4006 or reach out online to schedule plumbing maintenance today!