Tasks to Always Include on Your Comprehensive Winter Checklist

With the cooler weather arriving across the area, you’re likely considering how best to keep your home warm while saving money this winter season.

Our Westfield, IN team, has many years’ experience in the home heating marketplace, and in this latest post, we’ll highlight several tasks to include on your maintenance checklist this coming winter.

The insulation in the home is that all-important part of the property that helps keep cool air out and warm air in throughout the winter.

If the insulation isn’t working to peak performance, you may find that the temperature dips considerably. Take the time now to review your home’s insulation and make sure you add to it if there are pieces missing.

Your Winter Maintenance Checklist

Check Your Home’s Ventilation

You should also take this time to review your home’s ventilation. Look for dust and other contaminants that might be blocking air vents. These contaminants cause your home heating system to work harder to send warm air throughout the home. And so, cleaning the home ventilation system and removing the contaminants can help you to heat your home more efficiently for the coming months.

Check Your Fire Alarm

The fire alarm is a piece of home security equipment that should be in immaculate condition ready for the winter season. It’s the time of the year when most families are cooking meals at home and spending more of the time together inside the house.

Check All Your Home Alarms

Try to keep your home alarm’s performing as required to secure your property. This means checking the batteries and ensuring new ones are installed fresh for the winter. And it also means that you should take the time to check your home’s carbon monoxide detector. If you have a fireplace in the home, the carbon monoxide detector will keep you safe against the potential for fumes escaping the fireplace unit.

Prepare For Icy Walkways

It’s now the time of the year where the paths around your home become more dangerous, as well as your outdoor pipes. Both of these dangerous situations can cause personal injury or monetary stress. Your chances of slipping and falling are higher than ever. Make sure you stock up on de-icing salt and spend some time preparing the surfaces around the home for the arrival of the winter weather.

Throughout the winter you should also stay tuned-in to weather reports to ensure you know to place de-icing salt down in advance of freezing temperatures.

It’s the perfect time to prepare for the cooler temperatures to come. Make the most of the fall period and take the guidance from this post into consideration. You can keep your family protected and save money on home heating!