How a Plumbing Inspection Can Save You A Fortune

No one ever has to explain to a person why they should get a home inspection before they move into a home that they are purchasing, but for some reason, some people need an explanation of why they should get a plumbing inspection, even though it’s just as important. A plumbing inspection can mean the difference between having plumbing that works for years without problems or having plumbing that breaks down quickly after you move into a home.

Why You Should Have a Plumbing Inspection Done

flush-the-toiletHiring a plumber to do an inspection of the plumbing in your home isn’t very costly and can save you headaches as well as money in the end. It’s likely that if you knew that the septic tank and plumbing system in the home needed replacement, you wouldn’t buy the home, especially since it may cost you tens of thousands of dollars and affect the amount of money that you have to put into the home.

Those who are buying older homes that have been around for decades will definitely want to get a plumbing inspection because plumbing does get old after a while and will need replacement. Even if a home has functioning plumbing and the home is very old, replacing the plumbing with more updated pipes and plumbing fixtures may be necessary soon after moving into the home or before moving into the home. Here are a few reasons why you should get a plumbing inspection:

Plumbing Problems

There are unknown amounts of plumbing problems that can happen in any home, just ask anyone. Since people that live in houses don’t have the luxury of calling maintenance like those who live in an apartment, so you have to make sure that there are no plumbing problems because you’ll have to pay to fix them. Allowing a plumber to check for any plumbing problems can give you a heads up on what may or may not be wrong before you move into a home.

Save Money

You’ll want to be able to save money on any plumbing problems that you find, and finding problems early on may mean there is less to fix, and the repairs may be less costly. A pipe may have a problem now, but waiting to fix the problem may lead to an even bigger problem. A bigger problem would ultimately cost you a fortune later, so a plumbing inspection now is always a good choice.


If the piping in the home is old, you may find out that you need replacements once the inspection is done. You’ll know exactly how much the replacements will cost, and you’ll also know all replacements that are needed throughout the home.

checking-for-hot-waterThe Water

Everyone wants clean water in their home, whether it’s for drinking, bathing or cleaning, so inspecting the pipelines that bring water into the home is important. Some homes can have discolored water because of the piping system, so this is something that should be inspected ahead of time.

To Buy Or Not To Buy

Most people have a set amount of money that they want to put into a home, and if the person is approved for so much financing, then they are unlikely to buy a home that’s going to cost them tens of thousands of dollars more because of plumbing problems. If plumbing problems are determined to be severe enough, it’s possible that you will choose not to buy the home.


Toilets can be home for lots of problems, especially when there’s more than one of them in the home. So every toilet has to be inspected thoroughly for any damage.

Also, don’t forget to have the plumber examine around the floor to make sure the toilet isn’t leaking, and that the toilet is it moving around. If the wax ring on the toilet needs replacing because the toilet is moving too much, then allow the plumber to secure the toilet, or replace the toilet completely if it’s needed.


Homes that haven’t had regular drain cleaning most likely will develop clogs, so checking the drains for full functionality is important during a plumbing inspection.

checking-a-water-heaterWater Heaters

You want to keep the water heater that is currently in a home that you’re going to purchase. You know that the water heater has some previous use, which means that you’re going to take on the problems that the water heater may have. A quick plumbing inspection can determine if the water heater can continue to be used in the home or if it needs a replacement for any reason. Remember, maintenance on a water heater should be done every year, so determine when was the last time the heater was maintained, and have maintenance performed by the plumber if it hasn’t had any in a while.


If the plumber has discovered that there is discolored water coming from the faucet, then allow them to do their investigation to find the culprit that’s causing the discolored water. If you have rusty pipes in the home, then know that replacing the pipes may be necessary to fix the discolored water problem, especially since the water cannot be consumed.

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