Tune-In to the Latest Toilet Technologies

The toilet has advanced quite a bit from holes in the ground to chamber pots to outhouses to — finally — indoor flush toilets. And while it may seem that the the toilet hasn’t changed much since the introduction of indoor plumbing and the ability to flush, toilet technology continues to evolve.

Westfield, IN Toilet-TechnologiesHere are some of the latest toilet technologies that either have or will soon hit the market.

Imagine if you could get really clean after using the toilet and not even have to use your hands to do it. One of the newest toilet technologies now allows you to do just that.

Cleaning Toilet

New models of toilets are like a bidet on steroids: they clean both the front and back and have the technology to control the temperature, direction, and pressure of the water spritzing your nether regions.

These toilets are widely used in Asia and parts of the Middle East and South America but have just recently made it onto shelves in the U.S.

Retracting Toilet

Though it remains just a concept, researchers in England have come up with a toilet that folds out for you to use it and then retracts when you are done. The folding toilet uses less water and also conserves space because it takes up less room when it is folded.

Odor Reducing Toilet

Many toilet manufacturers are trying a variety of different techniques for reducing odor in the bathroom in your Westfield home. One of the most common is some sort of fan that is incorporated into the toilet structure or into a seat that is attached to the toilet.

The fan vents through a pipe outside the bathroom to help cut down on odors. Another variation on this uses a carbon filter through which the odors are filtered.

Urinal Attachments

Any woman who’s ever lived with a man knows bad aim or thoughtlessness can really cause problems in the bathroom — and with the relationship. One way to solve that is to add a urinal.

In high-end homes, bathrooms often come with space and Westfield homeowners don’t mind the expense of a separate urinal. For those of more modest means, there are urinal attachments for toilets.

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