Cut Your Water Use in Half With 3 Upgrades

This blog post is a summary that aims to provide ways for Westfield, IN consumers like you to pinpoint where the most common areas are in regard to wasting water and what can be done to reduce water usage inside the home from a professionals standpoint who see these issues every day.

Westfield Water Conservation and Sustainability ServicesBelieve it or not, household appliances are many times the main culprits of water waste. Below are details on the top three ‘water-wasters’ from an appliance standpoint inside the house.

Saving Water While Showering

It has been proven that a shower that lasts longer than five minutes in duration wastes five to ten gallons of water. Five minutes is the recommended duration for a thorough shower so you should be cognizant that every extra second beyond five minutes is a significant contributor to wasting water and over time that adds up.

To combat this waste you can purchase a showerhead that has a lower flow rate or simply attempt to take efficient showers. Studies have shown that buying a new showerhead can save over seven hundred gallons of water each month. Therefore it is clear that purchasing a new water-efficient shower head will have a steady pay back over the long run.

How to Conserve Water While Running the Dishwasher 

Running the dishwasher is a luxury that many homes enjoy today but an awful lot of water is used when a load of dishes is run. To combat waste, make sure that you have loaded your dishwasher ‘to the gills’ and consider hand washing on occasion when you have the extra time and desire. Running a load of dishes that is half-full may save time but the reality is that it is horribly inefficient and wasteful from a water conservation standpoint.

Check For Leaky Faucets

Go in and inspect any Westfield home and one of the most common sights if you look closely is a leaky faucet and toilet that runs longer than a marathoner. Although seemingly innocuous, the constant drips of water add up. A survey that was done by the United States Geological Society showed that just one leaking toilet can be responsible for wasting over twenty gallons of water each day which multiplies to a staggering eight thousand gallons of water each year.

Multiply that further for additional leaking toilets in a house and you start to get to jaw dropping numbers for these little, innocent drips. Installing a new toilet handle can solve a majority of the problems. You can find these toiler handles at any home improvement store and installing them can be done in a matter of minutes.

The good news is that implementing the suggestions above is not difficult in terms of time or exorbitant in terms of cost and the impact on reducing water waste is immediate, immense and continual.

Now more than ever, conservation doesn’t require a lifestyle change! Call the professionals of L.E. Isley & Sons Plumbing at (317) 420-4006to see how easy it is to conserve water in your Westfield, IN home.