Brands You Can Trust in Your Home

When you go out to look for a plumbing product, you always go for the best one. One finds it difficult to choose the best product as there are many type which are of different quality and shape produced by different companies. You not only want something with beautiful design, but you want functionality that lasts.

Here are some of the most trusted brands for your home.

  • Kohler: It is not only known for their quality products in bathroom faucet, but also in kitchen faucet. The company lead in manufacturing of standard innovative toilet design and VibrAcoustic® bath line.
  • American Standard: It has been in existence for more than 100 years. They produce virtually clog-free toilets, faucets and household fixtures that satisfy the customers.
  • Moen: It most famous as it produce high quality faucets. It manufacture various lines of fixtures and faucets for bath and kitchen that combines innovative function with sleek styling and reliability.
  • Brass Craft: From 1946 it has been leading in plumbing industry. It produce standard product for most project which include gas and water supply and drain cleaner.
  • Franke: It is well known for their quality stainless steel sinks. It is also good at production of the cutting-edge products, cold and hot filtering products and high-end waste disposal system.
  • Crane: They have quality product that make it known in Canada and United States. Their product are good for both commercial and residential uses since they are attractive, durable and dependable.
  • General Electric: GE has become a household name more than 100 years for customers satisfaction and innovation. It is the best in manufacture of high quality waste disposal, water filtration system and hot water heater.
  • American Plumber: They are the leading in manufacture of water treatment and filtration products. They have high quality products for commercial and household which include whole-house water system and under-sink filters.
  • Sterling Faucet Company: From 1907 it has been known for their best product which include toilets, bathtubs ans sinks. It has also satisfied their customers by manufacturing cutting-edge products from 1984 when Kohler acquired it.
  • Gerber: From 1932 it has been manufacturing high quality plumbing product for both commercial and residential uses. Their products include, flush valves, lavatories, bathtub drains faucets and sinks.

As there are many standard products in the plumbing industry that satisfy the customers needs, it is upon the customer to select the best plumbing product that will not frustrate or waste their money. You can call Rooting and ABC for guidance on plumbing products.

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