Having Doubts About a DIY Project?

Westfield PlumberIf you have a plumbing problem that needs attention, it can be tempting to launch into that project and do the work yourself, however, it is best hire professional assistance. The problem that most people find by the time they have torn things apart is that they lack the skill, knowledge and tools to do the job properly, safely, and economically. Here are things to consider before you tackle that project yourself.


There are unfortunately numerous potential paths to injury, and the dangers should not be taken lightly. Plumbing projects often require the drilling and cutting of pipe, sheetrock, tile and glass. This can result in the generation of sharp edges, metal dust and shavings that can be inhaled, get in your eyes or cut your hands, arms or face. Breaking a nut or bolt loose with a wrench can cause a “knuckle buster” if the nut or bolt suddenly yields and allows your hands to smash into a pipe, causing bruising, lacerations, even a broken bone. Many chemical cleaners contain acids or caustics, which can burn skin and irritate lungs.

Soldering pipes requires heat, which can be a potential fire hazard if the work is too close to a wall, insulation, or electrical wiring. Melting or burning of insulation on wiring introduces the possibility of shock hazard. Gas lines must be avoided because of fire and explosion hazard.

Westfield PlumbingWarranty

Many people purchase a home warranty to protect against costs of damage to their appliances and home systems, including plumbing. If you have a plumbing problem and decide to take matters into your own hands, you run the risk of voiding the warranty, which would likely disqualify you from coverage. Even without a home warranty, damage to a new appliance still under its manufacturer’s warranty may void that warranty as well.

Saving Money in the Long Run

Obstacles you encounter during your project can cause costs to escalate far more than you originally planned. There are countless stories from do-it-yourselfers who attempted a repair, were not successful and wound up having to pay a professional plumber anyway. Unfortunate timing can result in emergency and possibly weekend rates. It is also essential to adhere to local plumbing and building safety codes. Not following them can result in having to rethink your project and do it again, requiring more of your time and money.

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