The Only Spring Plumbing “To-Do” List You’ll Need

Recently, Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter! Here in Indiana, we’ve been tricked into thinking it might be spring already. It seems one week we have high 60s and the next we are back in the 30s. Who knows when spring will arrive for good, so in the meantime let’s keep in mind all the “spring cleaning” tasks you’ll want to tackle to keep your home in tip-top shape once the sunshine is here to stay. 

Leaks, leaks, and more leaks 

The winter is often the worst and hardest season for your plumbing, making springtime the best season to make sure all appliances and piping is fine-tuned. The winter weather can bring a lot of wear and tear on your pipes, so doing a general check on all pipes including faucets, toilets, and areas around pipe connections both inside and outside. If there are any noticeable leaks, the best option is to always contact a professional like Isley Plumbing to ensure the leak is entirely fixed. 

Check your water heater 

To avoid scalding and the overuse of energy, check the water heater temperature. The Department of Energy and most professionals suggest a consistent 120 degrees Fahrenheit will assure your water heater is functioning efficiently. Draining your water heater is important as well. This will rid your system of any buildup that may be affecting performance. We won’t break down how to drain a water heater in this blog — however, if you are feeling unsure of your ability to do so, we always recommend hiring an Isley Plumbing professional to guarantee safe repairs. 

Provide some TLC to your appliances 

Items like faucets, drains, and garbage disposals build up residue and mineral deposits over time. For faucets and drains, using a simple cleaner with a sponge or towel can usually take care of the job. Garbage disposals can be cleaned out by flushing a gallon of hot water with some baking soda. These small tasks may seem inconsequential but go a long way for getting the most out of your appliances. 

Here are some other things to do when preparing for spring: 

  • Test your sump-pump 

  • Check washing machine hoses 

  • Clean debris out of gutters 

  • Inspect shut off valves 

  • Do a check on your outdoor hose spigot as you put hoses back on for spring and summer use 

Many springtime cleaning tasks can be done on your own, but Isley Plumbing professionals can always guarantee safety and quality plumbing services so don’t hesitate to give us a call at 317-420-4006 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today!