Warm Water for the Cold Season

As the temperature drops this winter, don’t find yourself waking up to a cold shower. From the hot shower to cleaning the dishes, instant hot water is essential to any household and something we take for granted until something goes wrong. Here’s the breakdown on everything you need to know about water heaters and their installation.

If you are reading this and already have a working water heater, stick around as our section on tankless water heaters might interest you. A water heater essentially oversees controlling the temperature of your water. Generally, it can be pretty clear when your water heater is struggling. Fluctuating temperatures, dingy or clouded water, and running out of hot water faster than normal are signs that your water heater is underperforming. A maintenance check-in with Isley Plumbing may solve the issues then and there, but sometimes the issues go beyond the scope of repair, requiring the installation of a new water heater. Our customers have been trusting us to provide quality service for over 100 years – and we are experts when it comes to the best solution to your water heater problems.

Tankless vs. Tank 

There is no question – tankless water heaters provide sweeping benefits including and not limited to: Space saving, hot water for longer periods of time, and savings on your utility bill. Oh, and if you aren’t sold on tankless yet, the longevity of a tankless beats a traditional tank water heater by about 10-12 years.

Don’t worry, this is not to say that if you currently have a water heater with a tank you should toss it for a tankless, as it will get the job done well. But, if you are in need of a new water heater, check out tankless for a modern, more appealing utility product. Your Isley Plumbing plumber can help you determine what is right for you.

Installation is quite simple. At Isley Plumbing, we provide installations for both tank and tankless water heaters as well as repairs, so whatever your needs are, we can meet them. We provide installation services to customers throughout Central Indiana including Marion, Boone, and Hamilton Counties – don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Do you have water heater problems? Have we sold you on a tankless heater? Please give us a call at 317-420-4006 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today for water heater repair or installation!