Problem Free Winter Plumbing with Isley

They say this could be a brutal winter for the Midwest! The cold, winter months are times for cuddling up inside next to a fireplace, sipping some hot chocolate, and letting all your worries melt away – not for dealing with unexpected plumbing problems. As we all gear up for winter, here are a few tips to be mindful of in the coming months.  

Snow Melt 

If you have a basement, snow melt can sneak into the lower levels of your house through foundation cracks and poor drainage, causing floods and potential damage. Be sure to make sure your sump pump is in good condition as it could be crucial for the days following a big snowstorm. 

Extra Guests 

Besides running up the heat and water bills, extra guests for the holiday season can put extra tension on your plumbing. Make sure everyone is aware of the common winter foods that are no good for your garbage disposal. These include but are not limited to coffee grounds, turkey and meat bones, and stringy vegetables like pumpkin and celery.  

Check the flow of hot water as well as the consistency before having guests over, as no one wants to take a cold shower in December. 

Frozen Septic 

Septic lines running from your house to a tank outside can fall victim to bad soil coverage which leads to freezing. This is a bad scenario for you, your water supply, and your sewage system and deserves attention before and during the winter months. Make sure you have good coverage for your underground pipes, do not drive over the areas where your pipes are, and if you think you may have spotty soil coverage, insulate the areas around the pipes and tank with a layer of straw. 

Frozen Indoor and Outdoor Pipes 

For outdoor pipes, be sure to disconnect any hoses, drain sitting water, and turn off the valves for unused spigots. Steps like these will ensure a better working outdoor water system in the springtime. Keeping indoor pipes working and insulated against the cold temperatures is crucial during the winter months. Run small drips of water throughout the winter to keep water moving and to alleviate pressure. 

The wintertime can be a relaxing time to spend with friends and family so long as you have all your plumbing fixtures set straight. We are open and ready to service any unexpected plumbing issues this winter so give us a call at 317-420-4006 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today!