Easy Solution for a Hard Problem – Water Softeners

Hard water is the pet peeve we all have. Spots on the dishes and harsh showers is not ideal. Good news: The solution is quite easy. Water softeners have been a mainstay in households for decades but if your water softener isn’t doing the job or if you are still living with hard water – the time is perfect to make a change!  

Softeners are relatively simple in their function. Essentially, water softeners are a place where all tap water will pass through. Using rock salt filtration, the deposits and minerals found in the hard water will ionize, leaving you with smooth, clear water by the time it reaches your taps. 

Once established, softeners maintenance is quick and easy, just requiring you to refill the rock salt every so often. Most homeowners refill twice a month, but that could be different depending on various factors. 

Is hard water entirely bad? No – but it does come with some less than desirable characteristics. Hard water creates stains on dishes and appliances, leaves skin and hair less healthy after showers, and can leave clothes not as clean after laundry cycles. For these reasons and more, softening your water is a better choice. 

The benefits of softening your water are well worth the investment as water softeners create less buildup in your pipes, provide high-quality water, and will extend the life of your appliances. Your plumbing will last longer and have less issues, your hair and skin will look better, and your appliances will look cleaner. What is not to like about getting rid of those dreaded spots? 

Make the transition from hard water to soft, clearer water today! We have you covered at Isley Plumbing for water softener treatment and installation so please give us a call at 317-420-4006 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today!