What’s that Strange Smell: Gas Leaks in Your Home

Learn more about gas leaks, repairs and installs now. 

Noticing a Gas Leak 

If you are noticing irregular smells like rotten eggs or sulfur-like odors around the house, then there is a good chance you may have a gas leak. Other indicators of a leak are dying vegetation near valves or lines, strange noises from gas appliances, or open flames.

Keep in mind that natural gas is incredibly flammable as well as being dangerous to breathe in, so if you believe that your air supply is affected it is important to leave the infected air supply and contact professionals immediately. Informing nearby neighbors of the leak in addition to your gas company are some of your first priorities once outside of the home. Do not turn on light switches, start your car, or use electrical devices as these could set off an explosion.


Like many plumbing problems, Isley Plumbing never recommends homeowners attempt to handle gas leaks by themselves. Safe repair requires expertise, know-how, and the proper equipment. Following the steps above after a leak are the most important priority and after that, our Westfield, Indiana-based gas plumbers can take care of the rest. We can provide you with fast, effective repairs to keep your home safe.

Reasons to Switch to Gas and How Isley Can Help 

Although the risks of natural gas may seem scary, natural gas has long since been a trusted source of power used in homes across the world. At Isley Plumbing, we are equipped to help you transition to natural gas. Natural gas benefits include giving up the fear of blackouts, enjoying lower costs over time, easier maintenance, and higher property values.

If you find yourself needing gas line inspection, repair, or installation, we have you covered at Isley Plumbing so please give us a call at 317-420-4006 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today!