Tips for Prepping Your House for The Spring Season

Winter Wanes and Spring Has Sprung

Indiana’s winter seemed to have come and go quickly, leaving just one big snowstorm for the history books. Now that spring is here, we need to ask the question on everyone’s mind.

Is my home ready for spring? 

While frozen pipes and cold showers are a mainstay of the winter months, your pipes are hopefully warming up and ready to shine this spring. If you managed to make it through the worries of the winter, we have some tips for you to find plumbing success this spring with these seasonal tips for your home.

  1. Check for low water pressure
    Low water pressure can be an indicator that damage occurred in the winter and that a pipe is leaking. Test the flow of water around your house to see if this is a larger issue. Reach out to us if low water pressure persists.

  2. Look out for cracked water hoses
    The extreme colds of the winter might have damaged your water hose, if not stored properly. Before watering the flowers this spring, perform a thorough check on your hose or else flooding could ensue.

  3. Sump pump problems —
    Since sump pumps do not normally run in the winter, there may be some newfound issues when temperatures rise, and water starts to melt. Most sump pump issues arise out of poor maintenance. Before the spring showers start cropping up, check out your sump pump. For more information on sump pumps, check out our “Tired of a Wet Basement?” blog.

Remember: Isley Plumbing has over 100 years of service in the Central Indiana area. Many of your plumbing problems “springing up” this time of year require the help of a professional. We are here to help!

Got questions that you need answered as you move through the spring months? Give Isley Plumbing a call at 317-420-4006 for help today!