Trades careers like plumbing becoming more popular as need grows

Isley Plumbing apprentice plumber Adam Walker made a move from Wisconsin to Indiana and knew that a career path change was not far behind. He says his plumbing knowledge and golf game have both improved greatly from the move.

“I had worked as a manager at Walgreens in Wisconsin,” shares Walker. “When my roommate said he was moving to Indiana I knew I was going to make the move too. I was looking to get out of retail and wanted a career change that led me to do some research in the trades.”

Walker also shares that he was looking for a career that gave him a hands-on skill set and paid well. He started with Isley Plumbing as an apprentice working side-by-side with a licensed plumber every day and going to school at the same time. The process will take about four years to complete.

“Adam is one of four new apprentices we have working with our seasoned plumbers,” Doug Isley says. “It is an investment in the growth of the Isley Plumbing team but also an investment in the high quality of service we provide every day to our customers. We are intentional on being a support system in the field and by providing the financial backing for the educational aspect of their training.”

Strong support for education has always been a foundational pillar for Isley Plumbing. Generations of Isley Plumbing leadership has been instrumental in supporting the training and educational training of those entering the plumbing industry.

“I’m learning something new every day and to be able to do that beside someone who has probably seen everything from a plumbing solutions standpoint, that is just invaluable to me,” shares Walker. “I personally enjoy the gas installation jobs but I know that I’m going to have a pretty wide base of knowledge by the time I complete 7600 hours of training and education.”

Choosing a trades career path has not always been a first or exciting choices for many. However, the skilled trades are proving to be the best jobs available with great pay that require no college degree (and no debt). As restaurants and venues have felt the brunt of COVID-19, many skilled trade businesses have flourished including the plumbing industry as more folks begin to call home their offices as well.

“It has been a fantastic career change for me so far,” Walker says. “I’m learning every day and gaining knowledge in the classroom setting in preparation for the day I am out on my own. Isley customers should know that when we come to see them and troubleshoot their problems and then find and implement solutions that we’ve got a lot of education and over 100 years of knowledge behind those recommendations.”