Fall is here– winterize your home now to avoid plumbing issues later

Fall is here, which means it’s time to prepare your home for the winter. At Isley Plumbing in Northern Indianapolis, we understand the hard work and effort that goes into winterizing your home’s plumbing system. Here are three ways to avoid plumbing issues this upcoming season.

Check Your Pipes

When the temperatures drop, your pipes may freeze. This is because when water expands inside the pipe, pressure builds up, causing it to burst. Also, if there is a lot of moisture in the air during the winter months, underground pipes may shift and crack in the wet soil. Pipe damage can lead to big and often costly messes. Have a professional examine your plumbing system before the winter to save you from any potential issues.

Avoid Septic System Failure

Septic systems often fail during the winter months due to an uptick in use. So, to maintain the system and identify any potential problems early, have your tank pumped before the weather turns cold. Otherwise, any problems with the septic system should be addressed as soon as they arise.

Replace Your Water Heater

Winter is approaching, which means it might be time to replace your water heater. Most water heaters are designed to last for approximately ten years. How old is yours? Also, if you hear any unusual noises coming from the heater, such a pinging noises or excessive knocking, its likely time for a replacement. If either of these are the case, be sure to call for water heater repair services right away.

Need help preparing your home’s plumbing system for the winter? Isley Plumbing is at your service! Call us at 317-420-4006 or reach out online today.