3 Steps to Get a Plumbing Permit

Prior to starting any work around your home, inquire about the permit requirements in Westfield, IN. All work done must comply with city code and standards. If not, you will have to tear everything down and start again. Discover the steps to acquiring a plumbing permit, so you can get the job done right the first time.

Do I Need a Permit for Plumbing Work?

A licensed plumber will know they need to obtain a permit before any work is being done. This will ensure the job is done correctly and up to code. The plumbing permit is designed to protect you the homeowner, from any incorrect or unstable work from being done. Your home is a massive investment.

One you hope to either have for the rest of your life or make some money off of in the future. If you decide to sell after changing things without a permit, you could run into some serious trouble. Potential buyers may want to see proof of the work being done correctly, and if you cannot provide that, you will pay come inspection time. All your hard work will have to be torn down and started over again.

When Do I Need a Plumbing Permit?

If you cannot find permit requirements for your city online, you can contact the building and safety department. It is always good to know for sure prior to beginning your work whether it will require a permit. Below is a short list of when permits are necessary.

● When changing out entire pipelines.
● Replacing drain pipes.
● Any work involving sewer lines will need a permit to meet safety guidelines. This usually applies to commercial properties.
● Replacing a water heater is considered as a large job and will need a permit before it is installed.
● Relocating existing plumbing needs a permit to ensure it is meeting building code.

How Much Does a Plumbing Permit Cost?

The cost of a plumbing permit can differ from city to city. Generally, the price will depend on the type of work being done and the size of the space. Take into consideration any added fixtures or features as well paying to inspect. You can usually apply for a plumbing permit online through the city, where you can fill out exactly what you will be doing, and the cost will be attached to the application form.

Shelling out extra money for a permit seems annoying. But the headaches you will save in the end by doing it the right way you cannot put a price on. You will gain peace of mind knowing the job has been completed safely, on time, and up to building code standards.

If you have a plumbing project, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced team today!