Confirmed Tricks for Conserving Water This Summer

During the summer, our plumbing company’s customers will begin to use more water in their homes or businesses, leading to a massive increase in their water bills. Studies reveal that water waste is a significant problem in the United States because consumers have numerous old plumbing fixtures and bad habits that lead to using too much water.

When our customers notice that their water bills increase drastically in the summer, it is a good idea to begin water conservation methods immediately.

Save Drinking Water

In the summer, our customers need to drink more water to remain hydrated when temperatures increase. Most people prefer to drink cold water rather than warm water, but the water that flows from a faucet in the summer is warmer. In order to have cooler water, an individual will permit water to flow for a few minutes, and all of this warm water goes down the drain.

When this process occurs several times a day with multiple family members or employees, it can lead to hundreds of gallons of wasted water each month. We recommend buying water pitchers to fill and keep in the refrigerator to have cold water at anytime rather than running a faucet for several minutes. In addition, fill ice cube trays to put in the freezer section of a refrigerator to keep water cooler.

Adjust Your Washing Machine Settings

Our customers wash more loads of clothing during the summer because shirts, slacks and socks become contaminated with perspiration. Washing more laundry throughout the hot summer months can lead to wasting water, but there are ways to reduce this water waste.

Most washing machines have a way to adjust the water level in the tub, and we recommend that customers use the correct setting to wash their clothing and avoid using too much water. In addition, use the appropriate temperature setting to wash particular types of fabrics or items. If bath towels are extremely filthy then washing these items in hot water rather than cold water can prevent needing to wash the towels again to remove debris.

Another way to reduce water usage while laundering items is to pretreat the fabrics that have stains from dirt or food with specialized cleansers. When our customers need to wash only a few items, then laundering the clothing in a sink can also use less water rather than using a washing machine.

Update Your Plumbing Fixtures

Our plumbers know that many of our customers have old plumbing fixtures inside their homes or businesses.Today, it is essential to replace old toilets, faucets, and shower heads with modern equipment that does not waste as much water.

An old toilet has a huge water tank, but newer models of toilets have smaller tanks that use less water for flushing, leading to a significant drop in water usage. Also, manufacturers have created shower heads and faucets that aerate the water to provide a strong stream of water while reducing the amount needed to wash dishes or take a shower.

Don’t Forget To Turn Off Your Faucets

Our customers can also change their daily habits to conserve more water by remembering to turn off a faucet while brushing their teeth or only using a dishwasher when it is filled to capacity. We suggest that our customers contact us for leak detection services to determine if water is escaping somewhere inside or outside a building.

A small leak from a rusty pipe, valve or connector can lead to losing hundreds of gallons of water throughout the hot summer months. Not only is this dripping water costing our customers money, but also, it causes damage to a building’s foundation, drywall, and flooring.

Lawn Maintenance & Water Conservation

bathing-a-dog-outdoors_480During the summer, our customers want to have a beautiful lawn and flower beds, but this requires frequent watering. We recommend selecting flowers, shrubbery, and trees that need less water to remain healthy.

When our customers plant a vegetable garden, they should try to choose an area of the property that has partial shade to avoid needing to water plants as often.

Some of our customers can reuse water by carrying buckets of dishwater or the water from bathing to a lawn or garden. It is possible for our clients to install an irrigation system that uses less water because it sprays it more efficiently on plants.

Pool Covers

For our customers with swimming pools, we recommend using a pool cover at night or when the device is not being used to prevent evaporation of the water. By keeping the swimming pool’s water clean with the proper chemicals, it is less likely to need a complete replacement during the summer.

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