Time to Drain Your Water Heater

Westfield, IN water-heater-servicesWhy Does My Water Heater Need To Be Drained?

Draining your Westfield home water heater is more important than you may realize, and this is something that can be very crucial in keeping your water heater running properly.

Water Discoloration from Sediment Buildup

With all the sediment buildup that can be in your Westfield water heater, this can become a problem, causing discoloration of the water, rusting the heater, or even causing the heater to malfunction.

Draining the water heater when it’s necessary can maintain the life of the water heater, which is a good thing because water heaters can be costly to replace.

The Process of Draining a Water Heater

When a plumber comes out to drain the water heater, they know exactly what to do, but here some basics for those who want to know the process.

Both gas and electric water heaters can be drained pretty much the same way, but it’s necessary to cut any power to the water heater before starting the draining process.

  • Turn off the electricity, and make sure the gas is cut off or on its lowest possible setting. As long as the water heater is not able to heat up while it’s draining, then it shouldn’t cause any damage to the heater.
  • The next thing to do is to connect a hose, preferably a garden hose to the drain the water heater. Those that want to collect the water in something can do so.
  • Turn off the cold water valve to the hot water heater, and then turn on a hot water faucet, and then open the drain valve to let out the water in the water heater. Many water heaters are different, but typically, 40-50 gallons of water will be released from the heater.
  • After draining the water, then additional water must be put into the water heater, just enough to help wash out any extra sediment that has settled in the heater.
  • After draining the water out again, then do a check on the last drops of water coming out to make sure it’s clear. Clear water means the drain valve can be closed, and then the water heater can be refilled again.

There can be issues when draining a water heater, especially if flushing becomes necessary, so getting a plumber to do the job can ensure that the job gets done properly.

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