Start Checking Off The Essentials on Your Winter To-Do List

Winter brings with it a new list of maintenance concerns in protecting your home from the effects of extremely cold weather. Of course, so much depends on the severity of the weather conditions in the area you live.

Plumbing Maintenance Tips for the Winter


The colder the winter weather, the increased concern for protecting pipes carrying water to and from your home. All outdoor pipes should be wrapped, including pipes that run alongside your home. If you are not sure which pipes need protection you can have your local plumbing repair service do a maintenance check for you to ensure all exposed pipes are protected from the extreme cold weather.

Drains & Garden Hoses

Drains and garden hoses should be disconnected and allowed to have all water drained to prevent water freezing in the hoses and cracking the hose lining. Water expands when it freezes, therefore, will crack pipes and hoses as freezing weather approaches.


Drain gutters and spouts need to be cleaned out to allow for proper rain and melted snow drainage. Repair of hanging gutters to ensure proper drainage off sloped roofs.

Electrical Wires

Maintain electrical wires that travel through the trees to the power poles to ensure the wiring is not obstructed by the tree limbs and branches.

Vacation Properties 

Vacation property needs to have the pipes drained during the winter months when the property is not in use. Pipes not properly drained or wrapped will allow sitting water in those pipes to freeze and the pipes will burst. Extreme damage to the plumbing system is caused when water pipes are not prepared for the winter months. Have the phone number of a plumbing service handy and make arrangements for a professional to drop by your property and do regular maintenance prevention.


Insulation of water heaters, water storage unit and indoor pipes generally go unnoticed in preparing for the winter months ahead. Wall insulation may be advisable when your units are in the basement or in a storage shed next to your property. All pipes transporting water from the outside into the residence should be wrapped. Again, your local plumbing company should be called to make a winter inspection of all preparation needs for the coming months.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools should be drained and pipes wrapped to prevent freezing and cracking from water damage. Have water pumps checked for the coming winter. Water Fountain motors should be unplugged and fountains drained.

Having your property accessed by a professional plumber will ensure the safety of your property, plumbing, and equipment during the coming winter months.

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