It’s Flushed Out of the Bowl, But It May Not Be Gone!

Some will tell you that one of the top reasons for clogs is a feminine hygiene product. The main reason for this is due to the cotton in the products being caught and snagging easily getting caught in line. Additionally, these products have a hard time breaking down so they can stay in the line for a extended period of time. After several flushes the line will get clogged up.

There is a simple fix for this, don’t flush feminine hygiene products down the toilet. The best solution is to always have small garbage near the toilet for products like this and always discard them in the trash.

Don’t Flush!

Whether we are talking a baby wipe, a paper towel, a face wipe or even one of the “flushable” wipes these products cause clogs. These clogs are becoming more popular because of products claiming to be flushable.

They still tend to get caught in the line and eventually causing a blockage. Again, the best option for these type products is just throw them in the trash. If you don’t have a trash, you can flush the toilet first and allow the waste to go down first. Then throw the flushable wipes, and only flushable wipes, down the toilet and try to flush them to.

Cigarette butts are something that is commonly flushed. People assume because the cigarette buts are small they will easily flush. The problem is that the cigarette butts don’t break down and will just remain in line. Again, after several flushes this will eventually cause a build-up and a clog. Cigarettes should only be discarded in the ashtrays and eventually in the trash, after you are absolute certain the fire is put out.

Don’t use your toilet as a way to get rid of grease waste. Often people don’t have a way to discard their hot grease so they try to flush it down the toilet.Westfield Plumber

Word of advice, just because you can’t see where the product goes after you flush it, does not give your toilet an all day access pass to discarding everything. Grease will eventually solidify, even if it is in your pipes. The solid matter will eventually cause the clog. The best solution is to discard grease the correct way.

Random items often can fall in toilets or get thrown in by younger kids. If a smaller object gets thrown in a toilet and falls to the bottom, there is a chance that someone will not see it when they flush the toilet. The best solution for this would be to always keep your toilet lid closed if it is not in use.

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