The Importance of Furnace Repair

We all need our furnaces to work. It’s one of those pieces of equipment that keeps us healthy. We tend to take it for granted, but they can break down, leaving us cold and in danger. This article will cover when to seek help for your furnace, how to help it, and how long it will take to bring some warmth back to your home.

How Do I Know if My Furnace needs Repairing?

A furnace has internal limiting devices that keep it from overheating. When one of these devices break, the furnace will start turning off intermittently. You’ll turn it on and it will heat your house for a bit, and then it will quit working. Refusing to work at all would also be a sign that something is wrong.

Another sign that something is wrong with your furnace is an odd gas-like odor that you can smell every time it turns on. This doesn’t include the dusty smell. A dusty smell in the beginning of winter, when it is just starting to be used, is only annoying and will pass. A gas smell that persists indicates a leak or a crack in the draft inducer.

A flickering flame or a pilot light that won’t stay on also indicates a problem with your furnace. Rather scarier is the loud boom you might here when the furnace first ignites. All these are signs of problems.

What are the Steps to Take when Repairing my Furnace?

If your furnace is simply no longer turning on, check the power. The switch might have gotten accidentally turned off. Check the batteries of your thermostat to see if they need replacing, as that can interfere with temperature control. You might want to see if your vents are covered, too. Covering vents can cause the furnace to overheat.

Most of the above symptoms are pretty serious and you will probably have to call an expert. If you have the manual for your furnace, you should read this. The manual will have the model number, which will make it easier for the HVAC expert to come prepared. Tell the technician all the steps you have taken. This will save everyone time.

How Long Does it Take to Repair my Furnace?

It depends on the problem and the individual furnace. Generally, a professional can deal with most furnace problems within a couple of hours. If the furnace needs new parts that they have to find, it might take longer.

So long as you keep these things in mind, you should be able to get your furnace repaired quickly and go back to enjoying a comfortable temperature in your house.

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