Help I Have a Burst Pipe!

Westfield Burst PipeBusted water pipes can damage or even destroy the interior surface of your home or office. If you have a burst pipe, you need to act quickly to minimize the damage. Leaving free standing water in the middle of a floor can damage the flooring system, mildew the walls, and cause mold damage.

However, the first and only thing you should do if your water pipes burst is simple; turn off the water. You need to minimize the damage to your structure. Be sure to turn the water off at the main valve. Turning the water off at this site, will stop the flow of water from entering into the structure through other open water lines.

If the water continues to run, try draining the water by flushing the toilet a few time, while running all the cold tap water. This should stop of flow of water. Once this is under control, call the plumber. Be sure to check the basement for damages, and unplug any fans, appliances, and indoor heating and cooling units.

Why Is It Important To Call a Professional?

The pipes will not fix themselves, and unless you are a professional plumber, you do not want to risk causing any more damage. A professional water damage restoration service provider can remove the water and professional dry it out. Be sure to turn off the electricity, and do not touch any wet or moist appliances.

Calling a professional plumber takes care of the busted water pipes, but for electrical issues following a water disaster, the best professional to call is an electrician. Professionals are experts at what they do, and no one can do their jobs any better than them.

Any professional should be able to work with sync with your insurance company. If you have homeowners insurance, now is the best time to file a claim. An insurance adjuster will want to visit the property and take pictures, and make notes of any property damage.

You should also make a documentation of the damages, and keep the proofs in a safe dry place. Remember a professional can educate you on how to implement preventative measures. Replace old outdated pipes with new pipes, and replace loose, sticky valves as well.

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