The Causes of Clogged Drains

Westfield PlumberHow Can I Keep This From Happening?

There are many reasons for drains in your home’s plumbing to become plugged and every one of them should be attended to, by a professional plumbing company. Chronically plugged drains can be symptomatic of other issues that only a professional plumber can remedy.

Types of Plugs

The first type of plug is a collection or mass that is too large to pass through out the pipes of the drain and become lodged in place and cause a plug. This could be hair in the sink and tub or waste, paper, or anything a three year old can put in a toilet.

Most toilet plugs come from something other than what is supposed to be flushed. Such as toys, stuffed animals, or broken keepsakes.

These type of plugs can be easily and cleanly taken care of by a plumber and they can also make sure the pipes haven’t become blocked by other material that can build up or grow over the years in your plumbing. Ask the plumber to clean the pipes after he removes the plug and you will see a marked improvement in drainage.

The second type of plug in your drain can come from build up or tree roots penetrating your outlying plumbing. This will appear as a chronically plugging line and can also have one appliance draining to another, such as a washer draining into a bathtub. Again, this condition can be remedied by a professional plumber bringing in a large electric snake and cleaning the pipes, removing build up and tree roots that enter the pipes though small cracks and trap waste.

Other Causes

Another cause of chronically clogging pipes is a blocked vent. The plumbing system needs ventilation to function properly and if the vent is blocked the pipes can’t drain properly. By employing a plumber they can locate and fix any of these issues and help restore your plumbing system to good working order.

For those who might think a plumber is too expensive should consider the cost, inconvenience and possible health issues associated with chronically backed up or plugged plumbing. One call to a professional plumber could save many bad clogs in the future.

To find a reputable, full service plumbing business that can assist in fixing slow or partially blocked pipes you should consult the internet and look for sites that allow customers to leave reviews and comments on businesses in your area.

Drain CleaningWho to Call?

Find a company with a good rating and speak with them about what you need done. They can give you a quote of the cost based off how much you want done, the potential work that might be involved and how long it may take to complete.

In the end, a professional plumber can save you hassle in the long term.

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