A Must Read, If You’re Looking to Save Money!

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Prevention is Key

There is an abundance of chores a home or business owner would rather not deal with, and of course plumbing issues is one of them. Plumbers make a good living doing what they do, therefore, their customers must be paying good money for their services. Preventive maintenance can help decrease some of the sticker shock.

Take for instance a clogged drain in the kitchen or the bathroom. It does not cost a lot to buy a drain opening solution at a nearby store to get the job done. Keeping a plunger around will also help with backed up toilets.

Use a drain strainer in the bathroom to catch the hair from the shower. Use one in the kitchen to catch food debris. All kinds of foreign objects can clog a drain, especially if there are young children in the home. Continued bad habits such as these will likely build up to a more serious and expensive resolution.

An Arm and a Leg

If at any point the sewer line needs to be cleaned, it will run you almost $400 dollars. A septic tank repair will cost nearly $2000 dollars. Just to repair a clogged drain will cost over $300 dollars. That slow leaky pipe you kept ignoring will turn into major water damage and cost about $2700 dollars to fix. These prices based on national averages.

Reducing the bad habits and/or buying items for a few dollars to prevent a major clog will save you an arm and a leg down the line.

And More…

If there is a need to make a service call to a plumber, keep in mind that just a simple visit will be a separate fee before any repairs are made. The charge will vary depending on which plumber you choose, but expect it be about $200 to $300 dollars just for the visit alone. There are plumbers that charge by the hour. Look to pay more for repairs taking up more time. Emergency jobs occurring on weekends, holidays or outside regular hours will be extra also.

Take into consideration the time saved if hiring a professional plumbing company. Preventive maintenance not only saves money, but time as well!

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