Are these common household leaks causing problems?

Leaky pipe

Spring has sprung! No “plumber’s pun” intended. From heavy spring rains to leaky faucets and pipes after a long winter —water is almost always at the foundation of homeowners plumbing problems.  

It’s the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) national Fix a Leak Week and we are going to share some tips to help cut down on the nearly 1 trillion gallons of water that are lost annually nationwide! 

Are these common household leaks causing problems? 

  • Toilet Leaks — Check your work-out toilet flapper/valve seal for any leaks. 
  • Faucet Leaks — Faucet washers and gaskets can oftentimes be the source of faucet leaks. The EPA shares that with a rate of one drip per second, more than 3,000 gallons per year can be wasted by one home. That’s the amount of water needed to take more than 180 showers! 
  • Showerhead Leaks — Speaking of showers, how many times have you noticed that your showerhead was leaking. Another shared statistic says that a showerhead leaking at 10 drips per minute wastes more than 500 gallons per year. That's the amount of water it takes to wash 60 loads of dishes in your dishwasher. 
  • Outdoor Leaks — It’s spring so don’t forget to check those spigots before you start your gardening season! And, if you’ve got an in-ground irrigation system, make sure it is working properly before use. A hard winter can cause damage through frost and freezing temperatures.  

While some of these “leak fixes” might seem easy and you are tempted to do them yourself, call the experts at Isley Plumbing before tackling these leaks and let a professional make sure the job is done right. Contact us today!