Plumbing Myths

Westfield PlumberThe world is full of myths. Myths can entertain but they also result in wasted time, energy, and money. Such is the case with many plumbing myths. Some will have you pour money in them in efforts to solve a plumbing issue, while others are simply a waste of time and effort. Here is a list with 5 common myths and the truths behind them:

The reality: Even though the lemons might make your sink smell a bit different, they have no effect over the kitchen. The acidity in the lemons may actually damage your garbage disposal and its components. To maintain clean components, it is recommended to add ice cubes.

The reality: There are almost always pieces of clogged or jammed food in the disposal that will not flush away with water. Turning on the water by itself is a waste. Instead, fill the sink halfway while using the disposal. This causes the waste to mix with the water resulting in a more thorough flush.

The reality: Soap and water are excellent cleansers for your hands and clothes; not so much for plumbing fixtures. The combination of soap and water will make fixtures corrode and peel; giving them a damaged look. It is recommended to use specially created cleaning solutions that are designed to both clean and protect metal.

The reality: Even if you see that the drain is flowing, this doesn't mean that the food and fat particles are not slowly blocking the drain. There are also different types of food that expand when they absorb water, which can cause a blockage. The best prevention is using filters for the drain, thus avoiding and leftover food particles to enter the drain. You should also clean drains regularly.Westfield Plumbing Myths

The reality: Not all plumbers have the same skills, knowledge, experience and tools. Some handymen that "know plumbing" may not understand how a total water system operates. A quick and simple fix from a amateur can result in problems elsewhere.

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