What to Do When a Leak is Discovered

Westfield PlumberA water leak can begin as a watermark on the ceiling. Next thing you know the ceiling is bowing out to the point it is ready to pop. At this point you need to drain the water carefully or you can risk bringing down your ceiling. Somewhere in the attic you have sprung a leak. There is a plethora of reasons that you may develop a leak, whether it's old pipes or a loose joint. However, if you find a puddle in your basement this is an indication that you have a leak in one of the walls. Either way it needs to be repaired by a plumbing professional.

What to Do?

The first thing you need to do is contact a licensed plumber they will come in and try to find out where the leak is originating from.

Next they will try to figure out if it is a steady drip or if it only leaks when you turn your faucets on. This will tell them if the leak is coming from the draining system or a water pipe.

The next thing they will do is turn off the water mains to your house. What they will do is puncture the bulge and drain the water out, then try to ascertain where the leak is. If the leak is from a loose joint they will tighten it up or replace the pipe if need be.

Why is it Important to Fix the Leak?

What you as the homeowner may not realize is the leak it could be quite a bit away from where the water is collecting. Water can spray up or down it can travel along beams and ceiling joists.

This is one of the reasons you need a licensed plumber they are trained to recognize where the water may be coming from and carry out the necessary repairs. Especially if the repairs are needed behind a wall.

Call a Plumbing Professional

Most wall leaks are either pinhole leaks or drips. A licensed plumber knows how to make a minute hole in the floor and ceiling to locate the leak in the wall.

Sheet rock is easy to get a small hole in, however, if your walls are plaster it becomes a much more complicated process that a licensed plumber is trained in handling. Also, if the pipes need to be soldered this is a job for the plumber as well.

Leak DetectionOne thing you do want to make sure of is your plumber is licensed and is reputable. Don't be afraid to ask how long he has been a plumber this can tell you if he is experienced or inexperienced.

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